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What is Merchant Services?


Merchant services is an all-encompassing term. It describes the hardware, software, and financial services needed for a business to accept and process credit cards and debit cards, NFC-enabled mobile wallets, and other contactless payments — online and in-store.

A merchant account establishes a relationship between a business and a merchant services provider, like a bank. This agreement allows a business to accept credit cards and debit cards, along with other forms of payment.

Merchant services providers allow businesses to accept credit, debit cards and other forms of payment online, through a payment card reader, or a point-of-sale (POS) system. Many entities are authorized to be merchant services providers. They generally fall into three categories: banks, independent sales organizations (ISO), and fintech companies called “PayFacs”, or Payment Facilitators.

Mission Statement

At Archer Payments our mission is to be an integral part of our client’s business as a trusted advocate for their success.


Archer Payments strives to provide integrity-based solutions that help our clients reduce frustration, increase their bottom line and enhance their passion for being in business. Our agents are dedicated to being energetic, encouraging, and exciting to our clients as they share their passion for personal growth, strong partnerships, and exceptional delivery of products & services.



  • Superior Knowledge and Service
  • Meaningful Relationships
  • Integrity above all
  • Lucrative to our clients
  • Exceptional experience and education

Why have an agent?

Merchant Services are complex. It involves contracts, fees, integration, help and customer service, hardware, compliance, multi-channel and multi-faceted services, and most importantly, it involves your cash flows, the lifeblood of a business.

A skilled and credentialed agent has a deep understanding of the tools and services to scale with your ambitions.

Agents with experience understand how to navigate pricing, hardware, software, APIs, and security protocols to support you and your team.

When you’re on-the-go, and doing business, you want a great agent in your corner to be sure everything works together seamlessly with an integrated system of POS hardware and software solutions.
A great agent can customize your payments experience, and help you with all the resources and solutions to take payments quickly, and easily.

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