Interchange+ or Cost+ passes through interchange fees which are what the payment brands (Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express) charge to merchants in order to authorize and capture card payments with their networks. They are intended to cover the operating costs, billing services, and reporting activities that the issuing banks experience when transferring cardholder funds to merchants. Payment brands also have embedded their own fees called “Association Dues”. As you develop your business, figuring out how interchange costs are affected becomes more and more crucial. Which is why it is important to have an experienced payment consultant guide you through how you can most effectively and efficiently process card payments for your business. With Archer Payments, you are not alone. We make sure to arm you with the industry’s best solutions that are tailor-fit to meet your needs, and add the most value to your business.

Flat Rate Pricing

Flat-rate credit card processing combines processor markups and interchange fees into one fixed price that applies to all transactions of the same kind. It eliminates the complexity and irrationality that often accompany other pricing methods. We equip you with a flat monthly fee to access the direct cost of interchange. With Archer Payments, there are no contracts or additional charges with this pricing model.

Surcharging/Cash Discount

When a customer decides to pay with cash or a debit card rather than a credit card for an item or service, the cost to the merchant lowers, and the item can be purchased for a discounted price. Cash Discount is a price discount for customers when they elect to pay with cash. Surcharging is a surcharge of 3.5% on Credit Card Payments, with no surcharges added to debit cards. With Surcharging, your clients will choose to pay the surcharge for using their credit card, and avoid it by using a debit card. Debit cards cost 1.25% + $0.25 for merchants to process, and the customer’s surcharge of 3.5% covers any and all credit card costs for merchants to accept card payments. Your clients constantly seek good deals when making purchases. Through our  Surcharging & Cash Discount solutions, you can offer them what they look for!

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