High-Risk Merchant Accounts Made Easy

The dreaded “high-risk” term is pretty broad and could be confusing to business owners who don’t understand all the technicalities. In simple terms, banks will consider businesses and or business owners a high-risk based on owner's personal credit history or a specific industry the business is in. Below is a comprehensive list of "high-risk" industries. In most we can get you approved and set up with VERY competitive rates if you're running a business in one of these industries.

Adult Content -Online
Adult Stores – Retail
Adult Toys – Online
Advice on Sporting Events
Air Charters
Annual Memberships
Applicant with Active Bankruptcy
Astrology / Psychic (Keyed)
Astrology / Psychic (Swiped)
Average Ticket over $3,000
Bail Bonds
Bankruptcy Attorneys
Business Opportunity
Canada (CNP)
Canada (Retail)
CBD Oil/CBD Products
Charter Yachts
Check Cashing (Retail)
Cigars (MOTO/Internet)
Collections (3rd Party)
Collections (own the debt)
Computer Sales
Contingent Liability/Delivery over 60 days
Continuity Merchants
Continuity Merchants (trial)
Credit Education
Credit Repair
Crowd Funding
Cruise Lines
Currency Exhanges
Custom Services/Products
Dating/Match Making Services
Debt/Tax Relief
Discount Medical Clubs
Discount Membership Clubs
Discount Travel Clubs
Downloadable Software
E-Cigarettes – Online
E-Cigarettes – Retail
ESTA / Immigration / Visa Passport Services
Extended Warranty
Fantasy Sports (no payouts)
Fine Jewelry Sales(Online)
Firearm / Weapon Sales Online
Firearm / Weapon Sales Retail
Freight Forwarding
Furniture Sales (custom orders)
Furniture Sales (MOTO/Internet)
Gambling (no US cards)
EU/International  Gaming
Golf Equipment (MOTO/Internet)
Hair Loss Products
Health Clubs
Hemp Based Products
Import/Export Businesses
Insurance Brokers
Interior Decorators
Lead Generation
Liquor/Wine Sales (MOTO/Internet)
Loan Installment
Magazine Subscriptions
Male Enhancement (recurring)
Male Enhancement (one time billing)
Mail Order Coins
Medical Marijuana Dispensary(MMJ)
Mobile Apps
New Herbal Supplements
Non-Profit Organization
Nutra     (Straight)
Online Pharmacies
Pay Day Lenders / PDL (CNP)
Pay Day Lenders / PDL (Retail)
Payment Facilitators
Pet Supplies
Phone Sex
Pre-paid Phone Cards
Precious Metals Sales (Internet)
Puerto Rican Merchants (Retail/CNP)
Remote IT / Tech Support (U.S.)
Retail Business in Canada
Social Gaming
Special Trade Contractors/Home Improvement
Sports Memorabilia
Stop Smoking Aids
Strip Clubs
Student Loan Doc Prep
Ticket Agencies/Brokers
Time Share/Vacation/Rental Properties
Title Loan Stores
Tobacco Sales (MOTO/Internet)
Travel Bookings (Air, Cruise, Hotel, etc.)
Travel Cruise Lines
Travel Agencies
Travel Membership Clubs
Travel Certificates
U.S. Virgin Islands Merchants (Retail/CNP)
Virtual Auction Houses
Weight Loss Products

Have an existing account with high rates or want to explore available options for high-risk merchant account? Give us a call or send us a message to discuss your needs and available options