Payment Solutions

    1. Mobile Payments

    When it comes to making a cashless transaction, consumers mostly prefer mobile payment instead of using any kind of debit or credit card. We totally understand that and in order to offer your customers the best possible and secure mobile payment experience, we equip your business with tailor-fit mobile payment solutions. With Archer Payments, you can offer your consumers the highest success rates on mobile and UPI, as well as access to advanced payment gateway capabilities.

    2. Point Of Sale(POS)

    POS systems are devices that allow businesses to track inventory, sales, and customer information. POS systems are commonly used in retail stores, restaurants, bars, and gas stations. These systems are often integrated with accounting software.

    3. QR Code and Touchless Payment

    We have various providers who can easily install a touch less payment for your shop.

    4. E-Commerce

    With the rising demand for internet shopping and online banking, paperless e-commerce payment systems have brought a revolutionary change in the payment process, reducing personal and transaction costs. With Archer Payments, you can choose from a wide range of eCommerce payment systems suitable for your business, including debit cards, credit cards, smart cards, net banking, e-wallet, and more. We help your business grow by ensuring that your consumers and clients have a seamless e-commerce payment experience with our customized solutions.